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28 Mar 2014

KABOOM — One of the best videos yet!

One of the best videos yet!To: : Kaboom !!! We have all wondered what would happen if the oxygen and acetylene welding gas delivery truck had an accident in front of us. stupid people just stood there
28 Mar 2014

Credit card cloning

Hi, Trust the readers of this important blog will not be NAIVE to look away from the person who takes or handles our card or INDULGE in conversation to display that they are BINDAAS and then later on
28 Mar 2014


There are a few things that can be done in times of grave emergencies. . Your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for survival. Check out the things that you can
28 Mar 2014

Memo from God…!!!

28 Mar 2014

Helpful Acupressure Points

15 Feb 2014

How to Organize Work

I figured this quadrant helps a lot to take the work load off and help with reducing the stress. See if this helps you!  
17 Dec 2013

Brain Teaser Series – The Chocolate Shop!!

Everyone loves candies and chocolate. It’s even more fun when you can some free ones. Here is puzzle for you. A candy shop sells a chocolate for $1 each and for every 3 empty wrappers gives one
6 Dec 2013

Exuberant India – Visit Mussoorie (Fun Retreat in a Hillstation Close to Delhi)

Mussoorie, Queen of the Hills, located some 290 km north of New Delhi, is among the most popular hill stations of the country. At 6500 feet elevation, it has some of the most spectacular views of Himalayas.
2 Dec 2013

Rebuild all index in a database

Several times my colleagues asked me about rebuilding all indices in a database. While there are several solution available, I like to use the one below. Please note that sp_MSforeachtable is undocumented but internal so we can
29 Nov 2013

Finding the Nth highest value in a table

I recently was asked by a colleague about finding the Nth highest value in a table. For example if there is an employee table then finding the 10th highest salary or something similar. I thought about it