Credit card cloning

Hi, Trust the readers of this important blog will not be NAIVE to look away from the person who takes or handles our card or INDULGE in conversation to display that they are BINDAAS and then later on face a long battle should I say war with the national and international systems and lose out in BP and Diabetes who knows a few years of their active life,… Credit, ATM and debit Rule no

1) Never ever allow the card to remain away from you by parting with it

2) while the restaurant chap takes it away he has to be accompanied and watched like an owl

3) while handing over the card to petrol pump attendant first ask him which bank’s card reader he is using, in case he swipes in a hurry onto some m/c do take it in writing from his name and particulars from others in the station, preferable to let the card be swiped in the same bank’s m/c by instructing him in advance, if he has a problem draw cash and pay.

4) PIN is never to be entered with slightest hesitation that others are bindaas so let them see, etc, etc. Our care is no head ache in future, it is a smart world so I WILL NOT BE OUTSMARTED by all this behaviour of hesitation in a mall cover the m/c if necessary with a paper or hankie as there may be cctv camera who knows from 360 deg which can be closed up.

Finally see this video to know how the bindaas get taken for a deserving ride of their life time in no time!! Do remember the rules as you enjoy the cloning video!

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