Saloon… Not to Visit!!!!

We had a wedding in the family and had to visit the saloon for touch up’s! 🙂 My regular saloon was closed that day so I ended up going to another one nearby! And I should mention that I went along with my MIL(mother-in-Law),  who is pretty easy going lady I must say!

Anyways, so we went to this saloon and here are the reasons I wouldn’t recommend ANYONE going there

– Hygiene Levels are POOR and

– Value for Money is ZERO!!

The saloon is narrow vertical shape and space is to cramped that it will be difficult not to rub yourself against the other person while moving from the entrance to the chair where I had to sit down for the services! I had to get myself arm waxing and pedicure to get some relief to my usual aching swollen feet due to pregnancy! The saloon ladies were trying to upsell all their services by suggesting better quality products, which I would say is a part of their job so I really don’t mind that. However, the point from where the bad experience started was the hygiene levels were pretty bad. Instead of using a warm wet towel to clean the arms after waxing they used a cloth and it seemed that that cloth was already used on someone!! Eww!!! Further,  I had asked them to apply astringent on my arms after waxing to close the open pores and they had never heard of this concept!! Not sure which place they were trained from!

Now let us come to value for Money! My MIL was getting a facial and pedicure done and as expected they were successful in upselling the facial with some add on’s for better results. The Add on’s  as they suggested did not really make much of the difference in the results as they had said, moreover the standards to do the pedicure for me and my MIL(we opted for same pedicure) were totally different in terms of the products they used! They also claimed that the pedicure we opted included message for 40 mins. Mine was done in 40 mins however; my MIL’s was completed in 15 mins flat! Not worth the value of ur money and time!


The saloon is based in Dwarka Sector -11 and goes by the name of “Elegant Looks Ladies Beauty Parlor”!


Share your views if anyone else had similar experience!!



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