Brain Teaser Archive

16 Nov 2014

What’s Your IQ?

Take the Test: What‘s Your IQ? This intelligence test does not measure your true intelligence, of course. For that, a comprehensive exam taking several hours would have to be undertaken. This is a simpler version of the
25 Sep 2013

Brain teaser series….Candy Jar

Find the right candy jar… Who does not love candy? I always loved those colorful candies but I liked that one colored candy. Now I got red candy and blue candy but I like to get the
5 Sep 2013

Another Brain Teaser – Coins puzzle – probability

Flip the coin… I always loved those coin tricks and wondered how it happened. While making the coin magically disappear is definitely a mind trick (will talk about that too) but the coin flipping is mathematical. Here
1 Sep 2013

Puzzle: Run for your life…

Mr. Joy enjoys some risk and likes to explore the nearby area. In the beautiful surrounding there is a train track that goes through a mysterious tunnel. One fine morning Mr. Joy decided to take a walk