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5 Feb 2015

Election prediction Delhi 2015

AAP is led by a Bagora – ran away from Govt job; IAC and CM of Delhi. He was so over whelmed by his sucess in last Assembly elections that he started looking himself as PM of
3 Jul 2014

Tikkas n more…

Tantalizing your taste buds.. “Majeed’s” A small outlet adding fresh flavors to the taste buds of foodies like me… Received their  pamphlets in newspaper for sometime, thought to pay them a visit. Tried their mutton tikka roll
3 Jul 2014

My New Discovery…

Refreshing New Restaurant in Dwarka – Drool Kitchen!! Although I am quite experimental with the cuisines I chose to have and have explored few nice ones in South & Central Delhi and few in Noida. I am not
18 Mar 2014


  We recently became proud parents and we thought lets celebrate by having a monthly birthday kinda ritual until our son is a year old( and then of course we will celebrate it annually). So my spouse
7 Oct 2013

Devil’s Circuit

On 6th October 2013, Delhi region saw and experienced Devil’s Circuit, India’s First Obstacle Run Non Competitive Series. People looking for some adventure and fun, wanted to spend their Sunday in a different way soaked themselves up in
24 Sep 2013

Saloon… Not to Visit!!!!

We had a wedding in the family and had to visit the saloon for touch up’s! 🙂 My regular saloon was closed that day so I ended up going to another one nearby! And I should mention
29 Aug 2013

Gastronomy Delight Of Delhi

  Delhi has been long time been known as the food Capital of India. Delhi gives you the option to choose from cuisines for a fine dining experience or the street food, latter one being more famous.