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9 Mar 2017

Fascinating Amazing Fun Facts You Did Not Know

Here is a list of fascinating amazing fun facts you did not know. Here are some fascinating amazing fun facts that you did not know. 1.  When a tiger roars it can be heard 2 miles away
30 Nov 2016

Humorous Quotes

Alfred Neuman Humorous Quotes Alfred Neuman is the fictitious mascot and cover boy of Mad, an American humour magazine. The face had drifted through U.S. iconography for decades before being claimed by Mad editor Harvey Kurtzman, and later named by
16 Nov 2014

World’s Largest Aircraft- Must See!

This is Big Bird, actually it’s bigger than big.   One of the reasons why Russia doesn’t want to give up the Ukraine. Kiev is the manufacturing site for this unique aircraft.
12 Sep 2014


28 May 2014

For Fun

21 May 2014


24 Apr 2014

World’s Toughest Job – Amazing video

Fun with this job interview…  
10 Apr 2014

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Ad – funny

8 Oct 2013

Amazing Video

I found this video on You tube. Make sure you watch it on HD mode on YouTube.
7 Oct 2013

Devil’s Circuit

On 6th October 2013, Delhi region saw and experienced Devil’s Circuit, India’s First Obstacle Run Non Competitive Series. People looking for some adventure and fun, wanted to spend their Sunday in a different way soaked themselves up in