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10 Apr 2014

Bypass Surgery Might be History Soon…..

              In a ground breaking discovery that may eventually render bypass surgery history, researchers at Tel Aviv University have shown that an injected protein can regrow blood vessels in the human heart.In
10 Apr 2014

Basit Ali bowled by Shane Warne- behind his ass

Amazing Cricket. This was the 3rd Test played at Sydney in 1995 /96 season . This was the Last ball of the Day.  
8 Apr 2014

AFRICAN DANCER….unbelievable!!! MUST WATCH !!

INDEED  INCREDIBLE–A  GIRL WITH   NO  BONES.             AT  TIMES  IT  LOOKED  IMPOSSIBLE………        !   Must see.  Women with no bones.   Watch this….the lady appears to be boneless. Dancer
8 Apr 2014

Camouflaged animals in their natural habitats

7 Apr 2014


1. Dumas Beach, GujaratIt was a burning ghat at one point of time and even now strange cries and whispers can be heard by morning walkers and tourists.  2.Agrasen ki BaoliLocated in Delhi, this 14th century baoli
5 Apr 2014

A painting in 90 seconds, see it to believe it!

You will love this one. It is a promise. Go to the link below and watch this video till the end  ….  TRMA painting in 90 seconds, a man hip-hopping in a white coat and a black
4 Apr 2014

The man who showed Subrata Roy the way to jail – KM Abraham, an upright IAS officer – R Jagannathan

The full account of Sahara’s misdeeds. >>>> It is only guys like Mr Abraham,  who hold the candle of hope in India today. He deserves high praise for his untiring efforts to unearth the truth. It is hoped
3 Apr 2014

How Fraud at Petrol Pump Works!

3 Apr 2014

Largest aquarium on Earth! China’s new £484m tourist attraction sets FIVE world records

3 Apr 2014

Tribes Around the Globe