One day a guest came to Tau’s house at night. Tau thought that he has to prepare food and serve to the guest, so what to do to avoid this at mid-night. He thinks upon a plan and asked the guest,
Tau:” Ha bhai Roti to Khawega”? ( Ok then, you would take food?)
Guest: Haan Tau Roti to khani sain. (Yes Tau I would take food)
Tau: Kitni Roti kha liya kara. (How many Chapatis you can eat)
Guest: “Tau Teen”. (Three)
Tau : “Tu !!! Tu teen roti khawaega, Lagda to nahi. (You!!! You will eat Three, It doesn’t seems so)
The guest thought that Tau perhaps cook heavy Roti So he replied,” Tau do Kha lunga”(Ok, two would do)
Tau : Tu !!! Do roti khawaega, Lagta to nahi. (You!!! You will eat Two, It doesn’t seems so)
The gust again thought perhaps Tau’s Roti is perhaps too heavy, so replied,” Thik Tau to ek he kha lunga”(Ok, Tau I would have one).
Tau: “Rey beta, Kyun ek Roti khatar hath gnade karega, Sebere ek faltu kha liye” (Oh! Come on why to get ur hands dirty for one Roti, In the morning you can eat one extra).

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