Wind chimes

Long time back, when we were in school, there came a phase when almost the entire city would gift  a wind chime as a birthday present.
If you would receive a present, you could study the shape of the box, shake it a bit, and you need not guess anymore, it would be the most innovative present on planet, the one and onl…y, wind chime!!! I understand, it is not the gift that matters, but the intent. But after hanging a wind chime in your washrooms as well, you do feel cautious of every new box that comes your way.
We would mostly purchase gifts from a few limited gift centres which would be overflowing with those. They were in different shapes and sizes, in varied styles, in multiple colors. There were explorations in different materials as well, plastic, glass, wood, metal, clay etc.You visit a house, and you would see a wind chime in the most unexpected places, for they had just so many! Many houses could be very well considered museums of wind chimes.I remember being scared at nights, for our neighbours’ huge wind chime, hanging at their entrance would sound ghostly in the wind.
Slowly people started passing them forward through festivals and other occasions where exchange happens. We were all entrapped within a system of wind chimes. It was almost like a nightmare where the wind chime virus is crazily multiplying, and you are getting deeper and deeper into the wind chime well and then there is a wind chime whirlpool and their sound is echoing in the valley which is flooded with wind chimes and there is a storm and crazy lightning and guess what, every drop sounds like a wind chime! People are running everywhere but they can’t escape those gifts. Their houses have no space left, how much more can you accumulate? The world has no space left, you leave the world and you realize that the universe is but a wind chime. You cannot take it anymore…darkness…sleep.
Today is but a new day.
This morning I was greeted with the sight of an old faithful green wind chime, gifted to me by my friend on my birthday. I ran to check the washrooms, the wind chime with the mermaid is there no more. I checked in my room, the red wind chime s probably removed, it did look hideous though. And I suddenly wondered, where did the wind chimes disappear?

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