Meet India

So you run, and you run as if it were your last train. There is a streak of madness, almost a wild chase, for reasons  not required to be explained, but the point is, you run.
You run like you haven’t in quite some time, ever since you chose to be a potato feasting on school books. You run and as you run you can’t recall the last time you did so, you keep trying but memory fails to erupt an image.
No you don’t find it thrilling. … Your legs tremble, your heart palpitates as if those were the last few seconds of life.Your knee jerks, you feel the heat in your cheeks, but you run, you know you are getting slower and slower, but you run.
And when you do stop, you feel as if you are dying, only to reflect the next moment and realize, you are already dead.
At times, it is a realization as harsh as this, which shakes you up and demands that you get up and start living, that you stop letting yourself be this haggered body with no stamina or strength.
I felt dead today and it is not very nice.

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