About life

Sometimes…life tries to test our patience.. and we end up thinking.. do we deserve this?? Well.. if we fall a prey to it.. we’d end up hurting.. no one but ourselves.. believe me.. this is a phase in everyone’s life.. the worst part is when in trying to extract a revenge.. you are equally mean.. if not worse.. or end up doing all sorts.. of idiotic things.. does it help in any way?? No it makes one suffer all the more.. laughter is the best medicine.. do whatever pleases you.. you get only one life to live.. make the best use of it.. by retaliating in the same way.. or worse..well means that you are no different from the person who has hurt you.. be forgiving.. and forget.. i know easier said than done.. applies to me too!! but if you are able to walk away from all this!!hats off!! best.. get rid of people of radiate negativity.. welcome those bursting with positivity!! And be a fighter.. of course if having done everything.. still no change.. walking out is the best option!! Best of the lot…present a brave enough picture before others.. and those who are sadists.. have been forever jealous of you or are happy at your unhappiness. be at your charming best before them!!

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