Home water filter – money saving idea even for pull-down faucet

Home water filter – money saving idea even for pull-down faucet

Under $50 solution

Clean, tasty 🙂 drinking water is important. City water is usually pretty good but most of the time has high chlorine levels giving that aftertaste.

So what are the solutions

  1. Water bottles delivered to your doorstep

It is nice but does not come cheap. One bottle may cost up to $8.50 delivered and off course water dispenser that will take some space

  1. Fill water from some RO dispenser

while the water is great, requires your own bottle, travelling to pickup and refill and of course water dispenser that will take some space

  1. Faucet filter

These are great but not for all types of faucets especially pull-down type faucet

The life span may also be 3 to 6 months before you change filter

  1. Let me show a new one that I learnt from help with someone working at the home depot. How can this help?
  • You have a pull-down faucet so you cannot use faucet filter or at least not easily
  • You don’t want expensive bottle delivery
  • You don’t want to drive around to fill water

Here is your under $50 solution that would last for years upto 5 years depending upon filter, water and your usage.


You can use a refrigerator water filter that have average life span from 3 to 5 years

Here are the items you would need. You can easily get these from home depot

  • Refrigerator filter
  • Two adapters for kitchen cold line
  • Two connecting pipes

Here are some important notes and disclaimers


  • Never connect the filter to a hot water line
  • Get the fittings based on your faucet connectors. Sample here are based on standard fittings usually used
  • This is just a money saving ideas, please use this on your own responsibility


Items needed for the project

  1. Water filter


  1. Male to male ⅜ to ¼ adapter


  1. Male to female ¼ to ⅜ adapter


  1. Two ¼ pipes



Tool needed


Just anything that will work with your kitchen fittings



  1. Turn off the cold water line
  2. Use the wrench to open the pipe connected with kitchen faucet. Be prepared for some spill from the residual water in the pipe
  3. Use one of the adapters to connect the cold line (⅜) to the ¼ pipe
  4. Hook the other end of this pipe to the inlet valve of the filter. Please carefully look for the inlet valve marked with “IN” on the filter and connect it appropriately
  5. Connect the second ¼ pipe to the outlet valve marked with “OUT” on the filter
  6. Use the second adapter ¼ side to connect to this pipe and ⅜ side to the kitchen faucet pipe that was opened earlier
  7. Make sure all connections are tight and use wrench as needed
  8. Run the water and check for any leaks. Leaks may be caused by improper connection or incorrect adapters. Please verify everything is connected correctly.
  9. Run the water for at least 15 minutes or as mentioned in the filter manual
  10. Cold line water will now be filtered


Enjoy the clean water!!!



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