6 Dec 2013

Exuberant India – Visit Mussoorie (Fun Retreat in a Hillstation Close to Delhi)

Mussoorie, Queen of the Hills, located some 290 km north of New Delhi, is among the most popular hill stations of the country. At 6500 feet elevation, it has some of the most spectacular views of Himalayas.
2 Dec 2013

Rebuild all index in a database

Several times my colleagues asked me about rebuilding all indices in a database. While there are several solution available, I like to use the one below. Please note that sp_MSforeachtable is undocumented but internal so we can
29 Nov 2013

Finding the Nth highest value in a table

I recently was asked by a colleague about finding the Nth highest value in a table. For example if there is an employee table then finding the 10th highest salary or something similar. I thought about it
8 Nov 2013

Experience with MS SQL Server

After years of experience with SQL server, I have gathered some of the practices that are good for writing SQL queries, procedures and functions. Here is my work as presentation, enjoy!! Sql good practices from Deepak Mehtani
8 Oct 2013

Amazing Video

I found this video on You tube. Make sure you watch it on HD mode on YouTube.
7 Oct 2013

Devil’s Circuit

On 6th October 2013, Delhi region saw and experienced Devil’s Circuit, India’s First Obstacle Run Non Competitive Series. People looking for some adventure and fun, wanted to spend their Sunday in a different way soaked themselves up in
2 Oct 2013

SQL Server Fun – Averages with Rollup

Here is tsql way of getting averages and also rolling up. Below example is using adventureworks database that is available with SQL server. It is getting average pay rate by each department and also overall by the
30 Sep 2013

My PMI 2013 conference experience – Healthcare in India

I recently attended the PMI 2013 National Conference hosted at “The Leela” Gurgaon. It was indeed a grand event that I enjoyed thoroughly. I was particularly intrigued by the presentation in the field of Healthcare in India
25 Sep 2013

Brain teaser series….Candy Jar

Find the right candy jar… Who does not love candy? I always loved those colorful candies but I liked that one colored candy. Now I got red candy and blue candy but I like to get the
24 Sep 2013

Saloon… Not to Visit!!!!

We had a wedding in the family and had to visit the saloon for touch up’s! 🙂 My regular saloon was closed that day so I ended up going to another one nearby! And I should mention