4 Nov 2015

Home water filter – money saving idea even for pull-down faucet

Home water filter – money saving idea even for pull-down faucet Under $50 solution Clean, tasty 🙂 drinking water is important. City water is usually pretty good but most of the time has high chlorine levels giving
14 Aug 2015

AMAZING FACTS ABOUT INDIA – Happy Independence Day

On the occasion of the Independence Day of India, here are some amazing facts World’s largest, oldest, continuous civilization. World’s Largest democracy. Never invaded any country in her last 1000 years of history. Invented the number system.
14 Aug 2015

Natural remedies for Diabetes

Diabetic? Not sure what to eat? Then this list is just for you. Read about the many offerings nature has, which will help keep your diabetes in check. Here are some natural remediesWe understand that as a
31 Jul 2015

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam – His Vision

I am taking the Liberty to Post, the following “from Facebook”, in the hope, some of it might  rub  us  off    ARE WE INDIAN ENOUGH IN INDIA. Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam does it again…
3 May 2015

Are Web Apps The Future?

Are Web Apps The Future?   There has been a lot of discussion on native vs hybrid app but what is really the future of apps. I think web app is the future. Probably some of the
1 Mar 2015

Project Management – Structuring Project

Here is a presentation I made on Project Management Principles for structuring a project. Comments and feedback are welcome Pmi presentation structuring project v2 from Deepak Mehtani
5 Feb 2015

Election prediction Delhi 2015

AAP is led by a Bagora – ran away from Govt job; IAC and CM of Delhi. He was so over whelmed by his sucess in last Assembly elections that he started looking himself as PM of
19 Dec 2014

Look at Singapore MRT up close Enjoy!!

Here is a close view of Singapore MRT cool angle.  
3 Dec 2014

Future of smartphones – phone on your skin – see the working prototype

This is amazing. Smartphones will be all virtual, water proof and probably no weight. This is is a working prototype. Take a look at this android prototype from Cicret  
26 Nov 2014

Most Bizarre Laws-in U.S.A.

        In her “I Fought The Law” series, Olivia Locher has come up with a series of images that creatively poke fun at some of the more absurd laws in effect in the United