Brain Teaser Series – 1

Run for your life…

Mr. Joy enjoys some risk and likes to explore the nearby area. In the beautiful surrounding there is a train track that goes through a mysterious tunnel. One fine morning Mr. Joy decided to take a walk through the tunnel. While Mr. Joy was 1/4 way on the tunnel, he hears the train whistle. A quick thinker Mr. Joy calculates that if he runs back he would just make it out of the tunnel before train gets in the tunnel and if he runs forward he will just make it out of the tunnel before train hits him. While Mr. Joy saved his life, he left you with a problem, how fast was this train travelling compare to Mr. Joy?


(This is old school physics problem with all basic assumptions for this kind of puzzle. Assume Mr. Joy can run with same speed in both direction. He can accelerate to his top speed right away. Train barely misses him if he would run in either direction)

Looking forward to see some solution(s)

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