My PMI 2013 conference experience – Healthcare in India

I recently attended the PMI 2013 National Conference hosted at “The Leela” Gurgaon. It was indeed a grand event that I enjoyed thoroughly. I was particularly intrigued by the presentation in the field of Healthcare in India from the Fortis group CEO Vishal Bali. Having the background in the field and experienced in the international market at the USA, I am really excited about the opportunities in this Sector in India.

Healthcare is directly or indirectly linked with the economic growth of the country, while it directly produces opportunity for healthcare professionals, it indirectly creates lot of opportunity in other fields like management, IT etc. Not only that, it helps in increasing the life expectancy thereby the overall working task force in the economy. While that is for the global vision, I am concerned about specifics in the healthcare industry in India. There is a lot to be done and opportunity to learn from the systems in other countries – what was done right and what can be done better.

I am particularly interested in hearing from the industry experts about topics like – Preventive care, Diagnosis standardization, Patient centric approach with information sharing and the most talked about topic for all insurance companies – fraud prevention.

These are some of the burning topics especially in healthcare in India.  I have had some experience of working in these areas and seen both the good and the bad of systems.

Looking forward to hear from some of the experts….

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