Gastronomy Delight Of Delhi


Delhi has been long time been known as the food Capital of India. Delhi gives you the option to choose from cuisines for a fine dining experience or the street food, latter one being more famous.
Street Food in Delhi – As I am drafting this my mouth watering with the thought of the Golgappa’s, Aloo Chaat, Tikki!!! These three items in the street food category are the 1st one that comes to one’s thought!! Though every locality in Delhi will have a famous “Chaat wallah” as they are referred here, but the best one’s located in Bengali Market near C.P.(Connaught Place in Central Delhi) Also, one can get a taste of Bengali style of golgappe at CR Park(Chittranjan Park) in South Delhi. Golgappe or Pani Puri, as they are popularly called, are small water balls filled with boiled diced potatoes and chickpeas and topped with sweet n spicy water made with tamarind pulp and some spices.



Aloo Chaat is shallow fried diced potato until very crispy and mixed with spicy masala and tamarind or lemon juice. This is served very hot. Aloo chaat is also a local delicacy and can be found in every part of local market in Delhi.



Tikki – Tikki is made of boiled and mashed potato. Its shaped into a semi flattened patty with a filling in the center made of peas mixed in spicy masala!! The patty is then shallow fried in a pan until crispy golden from both the sides! The patty is served hot with tamarind chutney, mint chutney, some sliced onion and little bit of curd!! For the tikki to taste divine, the key is the crispiness in the patty. The patty should be flattened a bit more that the regular method and shallow fried until its crispy. The best tikki is available in Noida Sec 25 market.


If you are in Delhi, do ensure that you do not leave the city without tasting these Delights of Delhi!!!


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