24 Sep 2013

Business Intelligence (BI)

What is business Intelligence I am sure a lot of people can define business intelligence but what we need to know is how it applies to us our business, our life and things we do. Over the
21 Sep 2013

How to get Windows Folder sizes recursively

Ever need to know the folder sizes that has several sub-folders, windows explorer takes really long time and requires checking properties of each folder. This script will do the job just need excel installed on your machine
21 Sep 2013

SQL Server FUN – Split received string using XML

Several time, we have a need to split the string based on a delimiter, for instance to handle multiple input filter parameters etc. Most of the time we end up using a user defined function that accepts
21 Sep 2013

SQL Server FUN – Identity insert

Insert in identity column for a table Sometimes there is a need to insert data into a table that has identity column. Example when you would like to restore a table from a backup including the same
21 Sep 2013

One of the all time technology world buzz word – “Lean”

I decided to find it little more about it. A new term has been coined, Lean software development. Well the work and definition below is from various sites and sources on internet. I would like to thank them
5 Sep 2013

Another Brain Teaser – Coins puzzle – probability

Flip the coin… I always loved those coin tricks and wondered how it happened. While making the coin magically disappear is definitely a mind trick (will talk about that too) but the coin flipping is mathematical. Here
2 Sep 2013

Jargons used at work place that need to go away…..what do you think

Jargons commonly used at workplace that seem to provide no value and may be repetitive and frustrating for others…. What do you think? Low hanging fruit Touch base No Brainer Think outside the box End of day
1 Sep 2013

Puzzle: Run for your life…

Mr. Joy enjoys some risk and likes to explore the nearby area. In the beautiful surrounding there is a train track that goes through a mysterious tunnel. One fine morning Mr. Joy decided to take a walk
29 Aug 2013

Gastronomy Delight Of Delhi

  Delhi has been long time been known as the food Capital of India. Delhi gives you the option to choose from cuisines for a fine dining experience or the street food, latter one being more famous.
29 Aug 2013

Search Database for Keywords or across all tables

/* Visit my blog http://exuberantindia.com/ */ CREATE PROC dbo.KeywordSearchDB ( @SearchStr nvarchar(100) ) AS BEGIN CREATE TABLE #Results (ColumnName nvarchar(370), ColumnValue nvarchar(3630)) SET NOCOUNT ON DECLARE @TableName nvarchar(256), @ColumnName nvarchar(128), @SearchStr2 nvarchar(110) SET  @TableName = ” SET